Commitment to Safety

IKPS was awarded the Columbia Pipeline Group Safety Excellence Award in 2015.

Our Expectation

We believe safety is the most important part of each work day and we are committed to providing a safe working environment. A safe work environment results from the efforts of all team members at IKPS. Each team member is responsible for their personal safety and the safety of those around them.

With safety being number one Core Value, training plays a major role in keeping everyone safe 24 hours a day. As new team members join our workforce, we take the time to integrate them into our safety culture. All new hires undergo extensive safety training during their orientation experience. The orientation process involves training on over 40 HSE programs, site-specific safety training that refreshes the crews on policies and expectations, as well as detailing the requirements specific to the project they are involved in.

Our Training

We also provide onsite Veriforce DOT Operator Qualifications for any industry-specific common covered task. And finally, at the start of each day, to encourage that safety is the first thing on our team members’ minds, we perform dynamic stretching and get everyone’s mind and body ready for the day.

The JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) is used by the crews to identify activities they will be performing that day and the potential hazards associated with it. Each member of the crew participates and makes observations and suggestions, sharing past experiences and finding ways to eliminate or avoid hazards as a team. The JHA is updated or re-evaluated at any point in the day where conditions change in the course of the day.

Our Commitment

We believe that in order to have a successful project, all aspects of the project must value the importance of safety, this includes all vendors and subcontractors. Each member of the Construction Team is required to understand and follow the safety programs set forth by our customers and IKPS.

IKPS is affiliated with many safety organizations. We are a member of ISNetworld, a global resource for connecting corporations with safe, reliable contractors. We are also members of PEC Premier and Veriforce, and provide Safeland training for our team members.

Our safety culture is important to the life-blood of IKPS. We have a team of safety specialists, each with qualifications and credentials necessary to support our field employees while incorporating the correct measures to keep our team members safe. Credentials include: OSHA 500 Certification, Red Cross First Aid/CPR Trainer, Certified Safety Professional (CSP), PEC Trainers, and Veriforce Evaluators.

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